Trainer's Tips

What to consider and ask Professional Trainers before you agree to have them train your dog.
I continue to have the opportunity to train unique and different breeds of hunting dogs and am amazed at the difference in ther drive, desire, temperment and confidence. Recently at the National Pheasant Fest I was approached by a breed of ...
First 6 months for a young hunting dog.
I find many owners of new hunting dog puppies are uncertain how much and what type of training to expose the dog to in the first 6 months or so. In a lot of cases the owner gets in too much or a hurry and creates problems that need to be a...
Cases of Lyme disease are on the rise - How to prevent it.
Each year it seems there is more cases of dogs coming down with Lyme's disease caused by a tick. Especially here in the Midwest with the Northwoods of Wisconsin and Michigan so close. Be sure to have your hunting partner treated early in th...
Field First Aid Kit
Here are some helpful First-Aid products that every dog trainer or bird hunter should keep with them in the field.
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