"Barkley" Chocolate Lab

I just wanted to let you know how good Barkley has been since picking him up from you. I am not sure how much you got to work with him, but whatever you worked on has made a huge difference over last year. He is actually using his nose and just plowing through the toughest cover to find birds. His tail is up and you can tell he is having fun. We have had him out twice so far over the last week and he is finding and retrieving more birds than either of the other dogs we have hunted with. He is perfect!!!

Thank you once again.

Ken Gersch

John Averil   -  Nikiski, Alaska

I often take her into the shed, letting her just observe and smell the pheasants (now 5 1/2 weeks old).  This is sweet torture for her.  Every ounce of her little body quivers as she studies every move of the little birds, her nose drinking deeply from the air around her filled with their intoxicating scent.  When I finally haul her out of there she whimpers and cries as if she were emotionally attached to the smelly little gamebirds.

Yesteday we had a "good" moment!  I turned onto our road from the highway on my way home from work.  70 yards down the road I saw a fat Spruce Grouse lolling in the ditch.  I passed by on the other side of the road as carefully and quietly as I could, hoping not to frighten the grouse and her new brood.  Once passed, I dashed the remaining distance home, swooped up Bree and returned to where I had observed the bird moments earlier.  The grouse had in the meantime, disappeared, so I led bree down wind of the bird zone.  After about 20-30 seconds of wondering "Why did you drag me into this thick brush, dad?" it became clear that she had caught the grouse's scent.  Off she plowed through the thick, prickly cover, obviously on a mission.  20 yards later over a little rise the grouse flushed right in front of her.  Well done, Bree!

All that to say, I believe from the ever-mounting body of evidence that Bree is going to be one heck of a hunting dog - short comings of her current trainer not withstanding.

Thank you, Alan.

Kelly Pascoe - McComb, Michigan

I want to thank you again for this great dog! Everyone including our vet, internationally known dog trainer Brenda Aloff, and the people at our local hunt club The Huntsman (Dryden, Michigan) have been delighted with him. They use words like great conformation, wonderful drive and desire and a very sound dog. Don't be surprised if you start to hear from Michiganders.

Everyone want to know who the breeder is. The best to you Alan and thanks for all the support and follow up contact. It's been a great experience working with you.

Gil Nero - Palatine, Illinois

I have had several brittany spaniels and have never enjoyed hunting with any of my previous brittanies as much as with her now!  She is a pleasure in the field and what you taught her in the brief amount of time you worked with Kelsey has also enabled my family to thoroughly enjoy her as never before with any of our other pets.

Roger Cameron - Fredericksburg, Texas

I LOVE these dogs. What a WOW hunt they had on their first wild (very wild) bird hunt. They didn’t want to ride in the dog box, they didn’t want to eat, they didn’t want to be petted, they just wanted to hunt. The weeds were 4 feet over my head; falling down was impossible, yet Charlie and Chase fought through the toughest stuff to find the birds. The first day we shot 21 and the second day 12, one of the best west Texas hunts I’ve had in a long time. Charlie found a wounded bird after 10 minutes of fighting through the weeds, if that doesn’t make you proud, nothing will.

Alan, thank you for giving me two great dogs to finish my hunting years with; we have developed a great bond as they travel in the back seat of my Dodge frequently reaching over the seat ‘asking’ for some attention.

Greg Crother - Deer Park Illinois

I finally got Koda out. He did great. I look forward to working with him more.

Thanks for all your training. Great job!

Ned and Salena LeMaster   Elgin, Illinois

The change you have made in our Dog’s life is remarkable!  Our German Shorthair, Blue, was three when we took him to you.  He had been out in the field a few times prior, but with no formal training and without proper gun conditioning.  This was a big mistake!  The result was a timid dog which most trainers would have sent home after day one. 

After hunting with a friend, who had taken his Vizsla to you, I so was impressed by the dog’s confidence, steadiness, and desire to hunt that I decided to give him a call.  You resurrected Blue like a phoenix from the ashes, by formally introducing him to birds and bringing out as much of his drive and desire as possible.  By doing this, he was also able to properly gun break Blue.  The result was a confident dog that hunts with his head up and tail up, and gets bolder and bolder every time we go out in the field.

From the initial phone call, to the first consultation to allow you to get to know the dog and explain your training methods, to the several phone calls from you after you had Blue, to the point where you handed over the steering wheel I realized I had met a trustworthy individual who is truly passionate about dogs. 

We can’t thank him enough for what you have done for our dog and our family.

Douglas Deslauriers Libertyville, Illinois

I can't thank you enough for your compassion, generosity and kindness in helping matching us with Peanut.  When we were looking for a companion hunting dog that would fit well in our busy household, including two young boys, you suggested one of your own females.  I was a little leery bringing a 2 year old into our home but based on your recommendation and description of her demeanor we decided to take you up on your offer.  Words cannot describe how much all of us have grown to love her and how well she has adapted to our chaotic family.  She really is a special dog, her manners both in the field and in the home are a testament to your passion for dogs and their training."

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