Professional Bird Dog Training

Training Method

We start by flushing birds out of remote launchers every time a young dog walks in rather than pointing. Pretty soon the young dog decides he should try to sneak up on the bird. That is their natural Point instinct coming out.

Next we teach them to hold their point while we flush the birds for them. This is done with very little voice conversation and more hand movements and que from electronic collars. This method evens works to encourage Labs to Point. Watch the video of Alan working a "Pointing Lab" on the right.

You end up with a dog like this 6 month old Brittany that points with style, intensity, tail up and steady to at least flush of the bird. This method also allows us to train the dog to be steady to shot and fall if desired by the owner. The right training can encourage a young Brittany to make water retrieves.

Professional Dog Training Professional Dog Training

From The Trainer

In my opinion the biggest mistake most dog trainers make is attempting to use the same method of training on all breeds and types of dogs. Dogs, like people, have distinct personalities and temperaments that make them unique to each other.

I work with each owner to develop a custom training program to insure their dog is trained to the exact level they expect.

If you try to force a timid dog to respond to a command most often they will shut down and stop trying to learn. Too often this dog is labeled as untrainable and sent home. When in reality the dog probably had the drive and desire to make a great hunting companion if someone took the time to train them based on their personality.

Training companion hunting dogs is not "One size fits all". That is why I am committed to providing:

  • Custom training program developed specifically for the owners needs and the dogs abilities.
  • Proving 24 hour access to the owner while their dog is being training to insure complete confidence.
  • Bi-weekly updates on the progress with email, voice contact and pictures/videos.
  • Veterinarian service on call 24 hours per day.
  • E-mail references on the website to current and former owners.
  • Personal service pet owners deserve.
  • Limited amount of dogs trained per month to insure they get the time and attention they deserve.
  • Personally train every dog myself.
Professional Dog Training Professional Dog Training

Training Overview

We use the latest methods of dog psychology in training all dogs. Training programs are made custom to your dog. Young dogs learn to "manage" birds by bringing out their natural instincts. We specialize in bringing out their drive and desire. "Putting a steering wheel on them."

Soft Hands and a Gentle Voice are the keys to developing a confident hunting companion. We continue to learn the latest methods in training all breeds of pointing dogs as well as Obedience Training. We train all breeds of Pointing dogs.


Watch this video of Alan working Ruby, a “Pointing Lab.”


Watch Hank, a young Brittany, make a water retrieve.