Training Seminars

Steady On Point encourages owners to be involved in the training process by regularly hosting 2 types of “Hands on Seminars”. Full day seminars on the basic techniques as well as seminars on advanced techniques that allow the owner to practice with their dog under the guidance of Alan Ott. These seminars will focus on improving the relationship between the owner and their dog, improving communication and cooperation between them as well as introducing effective methods to improve their skills.

Advanced Training Seminar Advanced Training Seminar
  • Controlling range and distance
  • Encouraging their natural instinct to find, point and retrieve game birds
  • Better understanding of the psychology of dogs and how to develop the right relationship
  • Using a dogs natural drive and desire to encourage cooperation
  • Non verbal methods of communicating more effectively with their dog
  • Training dogs to be steady on point to the gun shot or to a verbal release to make a retrieve
  • Honoring another dogs point
  • Encouraging a natural retrieve
  • Force retrieving methods that produce results
  • Effective use of an electronic collar
  • Improving their skills in locating downed birds

All seminars will be held at Steady on Point facilities or at Coon Creek Hunt Club in Garden Prairie, Illinois Registration is limited in most cases to 8 owners and their hunting partners.

Advanced Training Seminar Advanced Training Seminar


The next Training seminar is scheduled for Sunday November 22nd, 2015. 

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